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Decide which subscription box works best for your needs and budget.


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Take a look through our subscription options. Should your needs change, update to the subscription of your choice.

Why buy this box?

Do you love accessories?! If you're like us, that answer is a resounding YES! The problem is, you may be a bit of a shopaholic... That's okay. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Been there. Done that! Sign up for the "Leaves Box" and we will send you one accessory each month. You scratch that itch and stay fiscally responsible.

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Mix it Up!

Okay. You're still a recovering shopaholic. It's okay- this is a judgement-free zone! You want to budget yourself but not go into withdrawals! We understand and would like to commend you for your effort. We can help you add a little variety to your accessory fix by sending you two accessories each month in our "Twigs Box."

Just a little more...

Hmmm... you may have a slight problem but this is nothing a little Retail Therapy can't fix! Who's a pot and who's the kettle on this slippery slope?! WE DON'T KNOW!! You want more- we will send more! It's just a little supply and demand, baby! With our "Branches Box," we will send you two accessories PLUS a T-shirt (or item of equal value)! Is this an offer you can't refuse? We surely hope so!

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1 hand -picked accessory
$.99 setup fee

2 hand-picked Accessories
$.99 setup fee

3 hand-picked Accessories*
$.99 setup fee

Earrings, Bracelets, Scarves, *Tees and more!